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We are a team of investigators that are dedicated to help you understand any paranormal phenomenon that may be going on in your home or business. We help you to understand what is happening and to help those spirits to cross over, or in some cases to be removed. Our team includes a Psychic/Medium and an Energy Healer, who are also practicing Wiccans.
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Initial Investigation-Sheila
After speaking with the client, we set up our first meeting for Saturday July, 12 2014. In a phone interview from July 11th, the client states that she has been getting unusual activity in her home, including; shadows, nightmares, movement of objects, and physically touched. The client seemed frightened and presented a bit of anxiety about her current situation and has asked us to help. She has given many details on the activities going on in her home and we hope to verify claims during our walk thru this evening, and develop a plan to assist her and her family.
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