AFTERLIFE - Life after our physical bodies die. Every culture in the world have their own ideas and beliefs of what the afterlife consists of.

AMORPHOUS - No definite form or shape, often a ghost will appear as a mist or shape.

ANGELS - A being in the supernatural realm that is believed to exist between God and mortal man. They have different purposes and meaning and believed to be guardians over humans. Different cultures believe in angels in different ways.

APPARITION - This is when a ghost/spirit takes on a physical form that can be seen or photographed. They are often transparent, faint, and sometimes deformed, and they do not last for a long period of time.

ASTRAL PROJECTION - This is when the spirit of a person travels outside the body to a different location or different plane. Also known as out of body experience (ovey/oboe).

AURA - The surrounding energy around every living thing. Mood and physical conditions may affect a person's aura.

BANISH - The expulsion of a ghost, spirit, demon, or entities thought to be possessing or haunting a person or location.

BANSHEE - A death omen from Irish culture that those who hear the singing or wailing soon would die.

BATTLEFIELD GHOST - These are often residual ghosts that are in areas of great battle. There are not many battle fields that are not haunted.

BENIGN SPIRIT - A spirit that is not harmful or evil to man.

CHANNELING - A proper method of Mediums and Psychics for communicating to the dead.

CLAIRALIENCE - The phychic ability to receive a message from a spirit by smell.

CLAIRAMBIENCE - The psychic ability to receive a message from a spirit by hearing voices or sounds that are normally inaudible to the human ear.

CLAIRSENTIENT - The psychic ability to feel things that are not normally felt by most people.

CLAIRVOYANCE - The ability to see objects, evnets, places, and people not visible through normal sight.

COLLECTIVE APPARITION - The sighting of the same aparition by more than one person.

COLD SPOT - An area that has a large temperature drop from the surrounding area. They are often believed to be made when a ghost or spirit is present.

DEMON - Evil spirit, the minions of the Devil.

DIRECT VOICE PHENOMENON (DVP) - A spirit voice, spoken to people at a seance. Usually the voice comes from a location near the Medium.

DISEMBODIED - A spirit function without a body.

DISEMBODIED VOICE - A voice that is heard that comes from no physical body.

DIVINATION - The obtaining of future events and the unknown by the use of an outside force.
elds, or create their own.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON (EVP) - The use of electronic equipment to record and capture disembodied voices.

EXORCISM - The expulsion of ghosts, demons, spirits, or other entities that may be disturbing.

GHOST - A ghost is believed to be a soul or energy of a person. When someone dies the energy is released from their body and is believed to go to another plain or linger for an unknown period of time.

GREMLINS - A small pesky critter generally friendly but mischievous and involved in many electronical pranks.

HALLUCINATION - A distorted or false perception of an object or event.

HAUNT - A ghost or spirit that returns to a place is said to haunt it.

HAUNTED - A person, place, or object that a spirit is attached to.

HAUNTING - Haunting is where a ghost or spirit is attached to a person, place, or object that causes paranormal activity on a regular basis.

LEVITATION - The raising of a person or object into the air without any visible means.

MANIFESTATION - The appearance or form of an entity.

MATERIALIZATION - The formation of a visible ghost or entity on this plain.

ORB - A round shaped ball of energy that produces its own light.

OUIJA BOARD - A messaging board used to contact spirits.

PARANORMAL - Anything that does not represent a natural or normal way of things taking place.

PHANTOM - An apparition or spirit that exists in form only.

PLANCHETTE - The triangular shaped instrument that is used with the Ouija Board.

VORTEX - An opening into the spirit world. Also may be triangle shaped and is most often imaged as a swirling light.
ECTOPLASM - A solid or vaporus substance, lifelike and moldable.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (EMF) - A field made by a combination fo electrical and magnetic energy. Often it is believed that spirits can manipulate these fields.

WICCA(N)​​ - A religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs and practices of western Europe that affirms the existence of supernatural power (as magic) and of both male and female deities who inhere in nature and that emphasizes ritual observance of seasonal and life cycles